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South Shore Living Magazine Sea Glass Jewelry Article with Liliana Designs

Liliana Designs Sea Glass Jewelry is featured in "South Shore Liviing Magazine" July 2011 Issue on news stands!

South Shore Living Magazine

Oceanic Gems: Sea Glass Jewelry

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Boston Globe

Mention in The Green Blog - Eco-Friendly Valentines Day Gifts


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Sea glass has been getting a lot of press attention lately as it is becoming more and more popular. Those that love the beach and hunt for these illusive gems only seldom find them these days along the shoreline as if they are somehow magically placed there. Now that plastics have made their way into our daily lives there is less glass that ends up in the ocean making sea glass a rare find indeed. Beach glass or sea glass has been used in jewelry for quite some time but more recently has taken the plunge into the sea of fashion where upcycled jewelry and reused materials reflects a certain social conciousness for those that wear it. The added historic interest of sea glass has created an allure for these ocean tumbled gems that is unmatched. Sea glass originated from something man made that was discarded and found its way into the ocean to be tumbled into a lovely translucent, recycled gem.

Sea Glass Jewelry by Susan Wilson - Blending SeaGlass and Sterling Silver to Create One of a Kind Jewelry

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